The Leland Wild Foundation (501c3) is guided by the principles of conservation, stewardship, environmental education, and wellness. We support nearly 200 acres of wildlife habitat in Norfolk, Massachusetts and welcome the public to enjoy the property as posted.

As a property consisting of grassland, forest, and aquatic habitats, we focus much of our energy on stewarding the land for the benefit of plants and wildlife. We are dedicated to invasive species management, in favor of native plant succession. We follow conservation best practices by delaying our hay cut in support of grassland nesting birds, monitoring bird boxes, prioritizing human accessibility, maintaining trails, and more.

We set out to preserve the Leland Wild property with the future in mind. We recognize that the planet belongs to future generations, and without a strong connection to nature, the value of conservation and the importance of stewardship might not be realized. The increase of both urbanization and technology has created a competitive challenge for outdoor engagement, and we believe that investing in green spaces, where people of all ages and abilities are welcome, is paramount to the planet’s future. The next generation of environmental stewardship relies on our ability to connect youth with the benefits of being outside.

In support of spending time outdoors, environmentalist Henry David Thoreau wrote, “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees,” crediting time spent in nature with lifting the human spirit. These words resonate so powerfully with the foundation’s purpose, that we would be amiss to keep them to ourselves. However you choose to participate, we encourage the engagement of people with the planet through our guiding principles, supporting the ultimate symbiosis.

Come explore, take a deep breath, experience our swing benches, capture photographs, learn from one of our partner organizations, or engage as a volunteer. Hope to see you out there.

Forever wild,

Kyle Pribish

Kyle Pribish
Executive Director
Leland Wild Foundation

Dark berries on a branch with yellow leaves
A sun dappled path through the woods
Black-eyed susans in a sunny field.
Close up of raspberries growing in a field
Ice formations under brown grass
A spiderweb attached to marsh grass
A snowy field bordered by ice-covered pine trees
A pair of geese swim in an icy stream

I took a walk in the woods, and came out taller than the trees.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Snapping turtle crosses the runway into a grassy field
A blue bird sits on a sign indicating nesting bird seasons.
Five sky blue robins eggs in a nest
A bobolink, a black bird with a yellow cap, sits on a branch against the blue sky
A tractor, from the point of view of the driver, overlooking a field
A feather sticks out of the side of a nest box
A rolled hay bale sits in a line of freshly mowed bales
A fawn and doe walk along the edge of the woods
Sunset over the field with the treelined in the distance
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